2015 Spotlight on Science Learning Report: Exploring Parental Influence

The latest research report from Let’s Talk Science, made possible by Amgen Canada, is Exploring Parental Influence: Shaping teen decisions regarding science education.

Parents would choose to spend extra money on STEM

This year’s report, regarding science education, examines parents’ beliefs and attitudes when it comes to influencing their child’s academic and career choices.

Although 75 per cent of Canadian parents think that most or all jobs of the future will require at least a basic understanding of math and science, and believe STEM education is valuable, they are not having the talk with their kids when it comes to pursuing STEM education. Startlingly, only 28 per cent of parents polled said they often discuss the value of taking optional science courses in high school with their children. More surprisingly, one-third (31 per cent) of Canadian parents think that science is a mandatory academic requirement through high school, when in fact, there is no Canadian jurisdiction that requires a Grade 12 science course as a graduation requirement.

75% of parents say you need basic math and science Parents need to talk to their kids about optional science and math courses

Canadian parents have significant influence on their children. It’s vital for parents to use that influence and have the talk with their children about the importance of STEM education. By offering support and encouragement about STEM education to their children, parents can help positively influence and shape their children’s academic choices, and future career opportunities.

Let’s Talk Science and Amgen Canada’s shared commitment to raising awareness of the importance of science education extends this year with the fourth Spotlight on Science Learning research report. It follows up on the findings of the 2014 Spotlight on Science Learning report that examined young Canadians’ attitudes and beliefs about STEM education and offered insight into how and when teens think about their future careers as they go through high school and make post-secondary choices.

Explore this new report to learn more about the perceptions of parents regarding STEM learning and their understanding of today’s STEM high school education.

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