Let’s Talk Science hosts professional learning workshop on STEM careers

tractorOn Friday, May 6, teachers will gather in Selkirk, Manitoba to participate in a new professional learning workshop on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

Developed and facilitated by Let’s Talk Science, this hands-on workshop will help teachers develop innovative ways to showcase STEM careers in their classrooms. The career profiles and videos introduced in the session will focus on rural careers in STEM with a concentration on the agricultural sector, including career profiles on a Research Scientist from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, pork farmers in Manitoba, and a Research Associate/Safety Technician from Monsanto Canada.

By participating in the workshops, teachers will gain valuable insight in connecting classroom subjects to real world careers.

In its 10-year outlook on Canadian jobs, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (now Employment and Social Development Canada) found that 70 per cent of Canada’s top jobs require the skills and knowledge developed through studying STEM. However, more than half of senior level high school students do not take the courses required for a STEM career. By the time students are applying for skilled trades training, college or university, many learn they are unprepared in prerequisite courses or lack the experience required to pursue a number of career options. [1]

Let’s Talk Science’s careers resources, located on CurioCity, were created for students to discover the large variety of STEM careers available in Canada. The professional learning workshop in Selkirk will demonstrate ways for educators to showcase these relevant STEM careers for students in Manitoba.

Through the financial support of corporate, government and individual funders, this Let’s Talk Science professional learning event is offered free of charge to educators.

[1] Spotlight on Science Learning: The High Cost of Dropping Science and Math [PDF]