Building the leaders of tomorrow – Let’s Talk Science National Outreach conference

Volunteers at the National Conference BBQFrom June 1 – 5, 72 Let’s Talk Science Outreach Coordinators will attend the annual Let’s Talk Science National Outreach Conference in London Ontario to connect, learn and strengthen leadership skills.

Let’s Talk Science Outreach relies on over 3,500 volunteers to mentor youth in developing critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration skills through STEM programming. The Let’s Talk Science Outreach Coordinators who attend the conference hold a leadership role at one of the 43 post-secondary institutions across Canada that host a Let’s Talk Science site. A major component of their role at the site consists of volunteer training and leadership.

“Since attending my first Let's Talk Science National Conference as a new coordinator, I look forward to attending the conference every year,” said Ian Dimopoulos, Let’s Talk Science Coordinator for the University of Manitoba. This will be the fourth National Conference Ian has attended. “The National Conference provides me the opportunity to participate in professional development seminars and also engage with other coordinators from across Canada. Connecting and learning with the Let's Talk Science Outreach community has taught me valuable skills to not only help with my role as a site coordinator, but my future professional endeavours as well. I have always left the conferences feeling refreshed and motivated to inspire positive change among our Canadian youth.”

During the conference, Let’s Talk Science Outreach coordinators are offered the opportunity to attend several professional training and skill development sessions including leadership sessions on coaching a high performance team, problem solving, leveraging work styles, marketing and communications, and fundraising.

National Conference Participants“We keep hearing from our past coordinators that the skills and experiences they acquired through Let’s Talk Science help them jump start their careers,” said Isabel Deslauriers, Manager of Let’s Talk Science Outreach. “Our alumni can confidently list project management skills on their resumes and answer questions about managing priorities, motivating people and annual planning during job interviews. We are looking forward to working with new and returning coordinators on these skills to help equip them for a successful program year and their future career.”

The conference includes an Outreach banquet at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn, London, Ontario on Saturday June 4 to celebrate the work of our National Let’s Talk Science Outreach coordinators and honour the National Volunteer award winners.

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