Let’s Talk Science Opens Doors to Opportunity

Reem GhalebLife changing. That’s how Reem Ghaleb describes her volunteer experience with Let’s Talk Science at the University of Calgary. “It’s helped me grow in capacities I never knew I was capable of,” says Ghaleb.

She is in her last year of study to complete her Bachelor’s Degrees in science and education. In her spare time, she’s the executive coordinator of the Calgary Let’s Talk Science Outreach program. Prior to taking on this role she was the First Nations, Métis and Inuit rural coordinator. Ghaleb says working for the organization gives her a new found sense of independence.

“I feel like I’m running a small business, which is really a huge thing for a full time student. They (Let’s Talk Science) give you the confidence to go out and make changes in the world. Even if you’re not a volunteer anymore, you have learned so many skills that will help you continue to make those changes.”

With a growing sense of confidence and accomplishment, Ghaleb says having a leadership role within the organization has opened up professional networking opportunities.

“I’m in so many different schools. I get to speak with the teachers, to the principals, and as a student teacher that’s invaluable. Not a lot of other students will have that opportunity.”

Ghaleb says the Let’s Talk Science Outreach program’s approach to learning is also giving her an advantage in the job market.

Reem Ghaleb“Let’s Talk Science really is at the forefront of the new educational theories. Things like inquiry-based learning and problem design learning are basically what Let’s Talk Science has been doing for years. As a volunteer I’ve been helping design new kits and activities. While other colleagues or peers in my class have been just learning about these theories I’ve been practicing them for awhile now.”

Ghaleb says she’s come a long way from her first encounter with Let’s Talk Science in Grade 12. She isn’t sure where her professional path with lead, but she does know that the experience she’s had volunteering and connecting with other Let’s Talk Science experts has been invaluable.

She encourages others to join the Let’s Talk Science family so that they might have a life-changing experience of their own.