Brock University Joins Let’s Talk Science Outreach

Anna Marie and VolunteersLet’s Talk Science welcomed Brock University as our 43rd national Outreach site this fall.

“We were thrilled that Brock University came to us about starting a Let’s Talk Science Outreach program, and impressed with how quickly they were able to get started,” says Nicole Kaiser, Regional Coordinator, Let’s Talk Science Outreach (Ontario). “We are excited to see science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach continue to grow in the Niagara region.”

Christene Carpenter-Cleland is the Let’s Talk Science Outreach Site Supervisor at Brock. “Brock University is excited to be able to provide outreach on behalf of Let’s Talk Science and in only a year Anna and her dedicated team have already provided 17 workshops to seven elementary schools in the Niagara region,” said Carpenter-Cleland.

“Our great team of student volunteers demonstrate how applicable STEM is in their lives and with their infectious energy make it fun for all. We are pleased to be working with Let’s Talk Science and fostering a love of science.”

Annamarie Hudlin is the Site Coordinator at Brock University and a second-year student of the BBA Co-op Program. Hudlin says that the workshops provided would not have been possible without the commitment of amazing volunteers. 

When asked what her favourite experience as a coordinator has been, Hudlin says, “I think that the camaraderie of the Let's Talk Science National Team and my fellow coordinators is the best. Although I am the sole coordinator at Brock, I know that there are others I can depend on, regardless of their geographic location.” She emphasizes that, at a local level, she is lucky to have Christene around. “She's been able to show me the piece of the puzzle that I missed.”

Brock University Volunteers

“I truly feel like part of a family that works together to achieve a common goal: promoting STEM education across Canada. It is fulfilling to know that our outreach contributes to this goal by helping children and youth in Niagara see how fun and applicable STEM is in their lives,” Hudlin says.

Professional development and training opportunities are offered to Let’s Talk Science Outreach coordinators and volunteers across Canada to enhance their employability skills. Coordinators also develop leadership, communication and teaching skills while taking advantage of the opportunity to network and collaborate with industry professionals and like-minded individuals.

If you live in the Niagara Region and are interested in bringing a free, hands-on activity to your classroom or community event, please visit

Let’s Talk Science Outreach is a national community that has excited, inspired and engaged over four million children, youth, educators and volunteers across Canada. Learn more about how you can join the Let’s Talk Science Outreach community by contacting Isabel Deslauriers, Manager, Let’s Talk Science Outreach.