Let’s Talk Science visits Labrador

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June 9, 2010

Let’s Talk Science visits Labrador
Students become crime scene investigators, learn about magnets and mining

Let’s Talk Science outreach volunteers from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in St. John’s are visiting students in Labrador this week. Students are poised to explore hands-on science activities related to crime lab investigations, the properties of magnets and mining.

Volunteers are stopping at Eric G. Lambert School in Churchill Falls on Wednesday, June 9, and AP Low Primary in Labrador City on Thursday, June 10. A visit to J.R. Smallwood Middle School in Wabush took place on Tuesday, June 8.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will experiment with magnets to discover the unique properties of attraction, repulsion and polarity.

Grade 3 to 4 students will use toothpicks to “mine” the chocolate chunks out of chocolate chip cookies – not only learning how mining works, but getting to eat a delicious treat as well!

Grade 5 to 6 students will hone their investigative skills by working in teams, collecting data, identifying patterns and analyzing results to solve a mystery. Students will use ink chromatography to identify which pen was used to write a ransom note, chemical analysis to identify the “mystery powder” left at a “crime scene” and fingerprinting techniques to identify patterns in fingerprints to determine which “suspect” left their prints at the scene of the crime.

“Our volunteers have a passion for sharing their love of science with kids,” says Tiffany Piercey, Let’s Talk Science coordinator at MUN. “Hands-on activities, like the ones our volunteers will be doing with students in Labrador, show kids that science is fun and exciting.”

Funding from Nalcor Energy has allowed Let’s Talk Science to bring hands-on/minds-on science to rural schools across the province. “Nalcor Energy is proud to support the efforts of the Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program to expand and reach more students in rural communities in Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Ed Martin, President and CEO, Nalcor Energy. “Giving back to communities in this province is a priority for our company, and we are pleased to support a program that promotes and enhances young students’ understanding of science and technology.”


Krista Habermehl, Communications Officer, Let’s Talk Science
khabermehl@letstalkscience.ca, 519-870-7335

ABOUT LET’S TALK SCIENCE: Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable, science outreach organization. We deliver science learning programs and services that turn kids on to science, keep them engaged in learning and develop their potential to become 21st century citizens, stewards and innovators. Through the Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program, we engage more than 1,800 enthusiastic post-secondary student volunteers at 30 universities and colleges across Canada to turn more than 100,000 kids on to science, engineering and technology each year.

For more information about Let's Talk Science, please visit letstalkscience.ca.

Nalcor Energy’s foundation is built on its base business: the generation and transmission of electrical power. Over the past four years, the company has expanded into the broader energy sector, including oil and gas, industrial fabrication, wind energy, and research and development. The company is also leading the development of the province’s energy resources, including the lower Churchill hydroelectric development. Nalcor Energy has five lines of business: Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, Churchill Falls, Oil and Gas, Lower Churchill Project and Bull Arm Fabrication.