New Partnership Brings Environmental and Agricultural Awareness to Teens

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New Partnership Brings Environmental and Agricultural Awareness to Teens

Vineland, Ontario, September 9, 2010‐ Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has recently partnered with Let’s Talk Science, a national, charitable science outreach organization, to bring relevant and reliable information about environmental and agricultural issues to teens via – an interactive science‐based website.

At, teens are able to explore the science, engineering and technology in their everyday lives through insightful articles that relate to their own interests and activities, such as current events, health issues, technology, entertainment, sports and relationships. also features a careers profile section, since many teens today lack an understanding of the integral role science plays in future careers.

To launch this exciting partnership with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Let’s Talk Science has expanded the scope of to also include a category about the environment, in which Vineland researchers will contribute content related to their areas of expertise, as well as submit career profiles.

"We are very proud of this partnership. The opportunity to have teens engaged in agriculture and the environment and learn through an interactive experience will have numerous benefits beyond career development. Students will learn, the planet will profit, and teens will see how agriculture and food play an integral part in their lives and health," said Donald Ziraldo, Chair, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

Article content will cover a range of hot topics that are of interest to teens and that relate to agriculture and the environment, such as the “buy local” movement, consumer science, genomics and food production, and biocontrol or using good bugs to manage pests.

“Let’s Talk Science is thrilled with our partnership with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and will work closely with their researchers to develop and showcase diverse learning content aimed at increasing youth awareness of, and interest in, science with a special focus on agriculture and careers in this sector,” said Bonnie Schmidt, President and Founder of Let’s Talk Science.

To read some of the new articles from Vineland Research and Innovation Centre's scientists, please visit

About Let’s Talk Science
Let’s Talk Science is an award‐winning, national, charitable, science outreach organization. We create and deliver science learning programs and services that turn kids on to science, keep them engaged in learning and develop their potential to become 21st century stewards, innovators and citizens. For more information about Let’s Talk Science, visit

About Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is an independent, not‐for‐profit organization that was created to be a world‐class centre for horticultural science and innovation. In its capacity to enable and foster relationships with industry, academia and government, Vineland works to deliver premium product and production innovations. Vineland brings a global perspective to the Canadian horticulture industry and offers a broad range of lasting benefits to stakeholders both locally and internationally. Aligned with industry needs, Vineland’s research priorities and outcomes are focused on the growth of the entire horticulture industry. Vineland is funded in part by Growing Forward, a federal‐provincial‐territorial initiative

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