Krysta Levac, Let’s Talk Science CurioCity & Outreach Volunteer in London, ON

Krysta Levac

Krysta is a long-time volunteer who is helping students find excitement in the science classroom.

Time volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: 6 years

Inspirational Moment: I visited the same Grade 3 classroom three times during the 2015-2016 school year. After the third workshop, one student was so excited to tell me that science had changed from her least favourite subject to her most favourite subject. It is inspiring to know that fun, hands-on activities can have such an amazing impact on children’s attitude toward science.

Favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteering activity: Since my background is human biology, my favourite Let’s Talk Science Outreach kit is “The Bone Zone”. It feeds kids’ fascination about how their bodies work and they love making the model hands. I’ve also really enjoyed writing articles for CurioCity.

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? I think science is the best tool we have for learning about our world and ourselves. I love sharing my enthusiasm for science with children and showing them how important – and fun! – science is.

Fun fact: I love fossils! I think it’s incredible that I can hold in my hands, the preserved form of animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. My favourite extinct animals are trilobites, a diverse group of arthropods that ruled the seas for over 200 million years.