The Importance of STEM Role Models

A Let's Talk Science Outreach volunteer works with a student. Next to parents and educators, role models and mentors have the most significant influence over the choices youth make on schooling decisions and future work options.

At Let’s Talk Science, one of our main goals is to engage youth with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to ensure they keep their doors open to future work opportunities in all fields. We do this, in part, through inspiring role models.

Positive role models help youth make connections between scientific concepts and the world around them. In fact, exposure to inspiring role models has caused many youth to rethink preconceived ideas about a path in STEM.

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Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers

Through our Let’s Talk Science Outreach program, volunteers act as role models for youth by inspiring students of all ages to ask questions and try hands-on activities. Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers are typically post-secondary graduate students, studying a wide variety of STEM-related subjects. They deliver hands-on outreach to Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in classrooms and community settings across Canada.

When delivering outreach, volunteers share their passion and experiences; they inspire youth to think big, dream and make connections about where STEM can take them. Oftentimes, this leads students, who may never have enjoyed science or math, to consider these subjects as possible areas to study and work.

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CurioCity Career Profiles

Let’s Talk Science’s CurioCity career profiles give students a glimpse into the lives of real Canadians working in obvious and not-so-obvious STEM fields. Through these career profiles, experts are asked to reflect back on their interests in high school. It gives students a chance to see themselves in exciting STEM careers.

CurioCity also hosts online career panels for youth to connect directly with the STEM community. Events have included DNA Day, entrepreneurship workshops and career panels.

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Canada 2067 Youth Events

Let’s Talk Science is the presenting partner of Canada 2067, a nation-building initiative to shape the future of STEM learning in Canada.

To engage youth in STEM, Canada 2067 will include five regional youth events in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s during the 2017-2018 school year. During each youth event, students will hear from dynamic speakers from all sectors who will discuss the future of their field. These Canada 2067 STEM Talks are aimed at engaging youth with interesting STEM role models and showcasing future work opportunities. These events will be available across the country through live-streaming and online following each event.

Learn more about the Canada 2067 youth events, the exciting speakers lined up for each location and how to join the livestream at

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