Harleen Saini, CurioCity Volunteer

Harleen Saini

Through CurioCity, Harleen is able to find ways to make complex topics fun, simple, and accessible to youth.

Time volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: Since April 2017

Area of study: PreHealth/PreMedical student

Inspirational Moment: I have truly enjoyed every moment I have spent on CurioCity thus far, whether that was through reviewing other’s articles, reviewing activities/videos, or being given the opportunity to write new articles. I love being able to help improve and contribute to the content of CurioCity while also having the chance to review science concepts and learn new ideas. I am especially motivated by the fact that this content is being used by both teachers and students in understanding science and possibly even inspiring youth to pursue STEM fields for their careers.

Favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteering activity: I would say my favorite volunteering activity thus far has been writing new articles for the website with the help of the CurioCity editing team. I enjoy searching for complex topics that others would enjoy and finding ways to simplify it so students can understand it better. My favorite article is the one that I am currently working on about organelles. I think this is a topic that can be hard for students to grasp and can sway them away from biology or cell science. This almost happened to me when I began learning about cells in more depth in college! For that reason, with the help of the CurioCity editing team, I hope we will be able to create an article that will make cells and organelles fun to learn about. I look forward to continuing with the team in simplifying additional concepts in the future!

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? When I was younger, I was inspired by shows like The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy as they helped make science fun and easy to understand. The idea of making science fun and simple was emphasized by many of my professors in college and we often did activities that would help us simplify new scientific findings for others. I truly enjoyed the exercises we did in college and had been searching for an opportunity to continue this after I graduated. I stumbled across Let’s Talk Science and CurioCity and was motivated to help as this is exactly what the organization is trying to do! I think this organization has a truly wonderful goal of educating youth through outreach activities and helps make STEM topics accessible to students through avenues such as CurioCity. I hope to continue volunteering with Let’s Talk Science and help empower and motivate youth with science!

Fun fact: One of my favourite hobbies is learning foreign languages because it helps you learn about different cultures while also being able to connect with others!