Lakehead University (Orillia and Thunder Bay Campuses) joins Let’s Talk Science Outreach

Lakehead University

Let’s Talk Science is pleased to welcome Lakehead University to our Outreach team this fall. There will be two sites opening – one in Orillia and one in Thunder Bay.

“It is really great that both the Lakehead campuses were able to start a Let’s Talk Science Outreach program this fall,” says Nicole Kaiser, Regional Coordinator, Let’s Talk Science Outreach (Ontario). “We are excited to work with both teams of coordinators and to see science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach continue to grow Ontario!”

Lakehead University Orillia

The site coordinator at Lakehead University Orillia, Grace Runciman, is a fourth year student studying Environmental Sustainability. She also has a background working in natural heritage education, which she says has influenced her passion for providing opportunities to spark youth's interest in science and the environment. 

When the site supervisor, Chris Murray, came to her about the possibility of opening an Outreach site at Lakehead Orillia she was very interested in getting involved; “what I like best about Let's Talk Science is that it not only offers these amazing hands-on programs to schools in the immediate area, but it also provides opportunities to more rural schools that otherwise may not have access to these hands-on learning experiences.”

Runciman is also very excited to see how much this program will grow within its first year at Lakehead Orillia. “At this point we are in the development stages, I am really looking forward to seeing volunteer interest in the program. From my past four years at this school I have learned that Lakehead Orillia may be small but it is filled with some amazing people!” 

If you are in the Orillia area and are interested in a free, hands-on activity for your classroom or community event, you can contact the site at or visit their website -

Lakehead University Thunder Bay

The site coordinator at Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Kristi Dysievick, is currently working towards a Masters degree in Environmental Biology and has been working with a local First Nations group to eradicate an invasive wetland plant that has eliminated their traditional wild rice stands.

Dysievick was introduced to Let’s Talk Science by a new professor in her Biology Department, Dr. Rennie, who had previously worked at a school with a longstanding Let’s Talk Science Outreach site. After attending the national Let’s Talk Science Outreach conference last June, Dysievick says she was hooked, and together with Dr. Rennie they have worked to set up a site at Lakehead Thunder Bay. “I love that [Let’s Talk science] brings free STEM based programs to youth across Canada!” said Dysievick, “I’m most excited about the outreach programs that Let's Talk Science provides, as my education has brought me to many First Nation communities I can see the need and how beneficial these programs could be.”

If you are in the Thunder Bay area and are interested in a free, hands-on activity for your classroom or community event, you can contact the site at or through their website -

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