Moushumi Nath, CurioCity and Outreach Volunteer for Let’s Talk Science at the University of Toronto, St. George campus

Moushumi Nath

Moushumi has been inspiring students from Kindergarten through high school by volunteering with two of Let’s Talk Science’s programs.

Time volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: Since September 2016

Area of study: Physiology

Inspirational Moment: As a Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer, I have taught in multiple different classrooms, ranging from kindergarteners to high school students transitioning into university. In every class, I have encountered students that are exceptionally bright, with an infectious enthusiasm. At the Let’s Talk Science booth during Science Rendezvous, there were two kids who dropped by and spent over an hour engineering a contraption in order to get a ball into a cup. They were completely immersed! In a high school classroom, I’ve encountered students who were incredibly engaged with the scientific literature. These types of interactions inspire me each time to be as resourceful as possible, to facilitate their journey into science.

Favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteering activities:

  • I love The Bone Zone – you can create your own functional hand.
  • Learning how to fit your entire self through a single sheet of paper through the Super Science Challenge.
  • Fun facts can be found in every CurioCity article. For example, dung beetles will collect and form a dung ball to gift to their beloved (so romantic).

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? I love to teach. Being able to engage students in science, seeing their faces light up when they learn something new, or seeing them understand how science applies to their daily life is incredibly wonderful. Let’s Talk Science provides amazing opportunities to cater to growing scientific minds.

Fun fact:

About me: I’ve done improvisation comedy (minus the comedy).

About dolphins: They may have evolved from land mammals!