Congratulations to the 2018 Winners of the Science is Beautiful Contest

Winner of the 2018 Science is Beautiful Contest

Congratulations to Élyse D'Aoust, Isabelle Roy and Alyssa Gauthier from Collège Catholique Samuel-Genest for winning the fifth Science is Beautiful contest.

Science is Beautiful is an annual art contest that began at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University Let’s Talk Science Outreach sites as a way to bridge science and art. It aims to highlight the integration of art within science and gives students who are interested in both subjects a chance to discover how they intersect. The contest is open to Canadian students in Grades 9-12.

Students are encouraged to get creative with the type of submission! Artwork can consist of photographs, paintings, sculptures, poems or prose, song or music, film, interpretive dances, or any other medium that allows you to share the beauty of science!

Élyse, Isabelle and Alyssa won out of a total of six entries.

“For the project, we wanted to demonstrate the different incredible aspects of science through our model. We decided to represent four important areas of science: astronomy, chemistry, biology and physics. The section on astronomy represents the concept of the solar system, showing the Sun and the planets in orbital order. In the biology section, we have represented a forest ecosystem along with the various biotic and abiotic components found there (plants, animals, water, etc.). In the physics section, we used electrical circuits to light up a village, demonstrating the importance of these circuits in the world around us. Finally, in the chemistry section, we used part of the periodic table and coloured liquids in vials to simulate solutions.”

Congratulations, Élyse, Isabelle and Alyssa, on proving through your entry that science is beautiful!

Learn more about the Science is Beautiful contest and submit an entry for the 2018-19 competition on the national contest page.