New Kids Series Focuses on Cool Careers in STEM!

When I Grow Up! is TVOKids’ latest television series for children ages 6-11. The new show produced by Riverbank Pictures is all about inspiring our future leaders and helping kids make the connection between their interests, education and the exciting array of careers that use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Viewers follow Mikaela on her quest to determine what she wants to be when she grows up. Her adventures are fuelled by her curiosity and a passion for STEM.

Research from the Let’s Talk Science 2014 Spotlight on Science Learning report played a key role in informing the guidelines and rationale for this new fun and engaging show for kids. By aligning with the values and interests youth identify with, the series aims to show kids that many careers they dream of have a firm footing in the world of STEM.

“We want to excite kids about STEM and show them that school science is transferable to countless exciting careers,” says Co-producer & Education Consultant, Sara Poirier. “We are hoping it’s the type of show that kids and their parents will want to watch together and sparks conversations about careers in the future and the importance of studying science and math in school.”

Mikaela gets to take on a number of unique jobs including a chocolate maker, sports statistician, cosmetic scientist and she even becomes a software engineer at Google for a day. There is a good representation of the trades as well as careers that require post-secondary education.

On the show, viewers get to watch Mikaela try different careers but online kids take the driver’s seat. Amazing Dream Job Adventure is an innovative online game where kids get to explore career paths based on their personal values and interests. It's an online choose-your-path board game with mini-game challenges mixed in.

Check out Mikaela’s adventures on When I Grow Up! or challenge yourself to discover some cool careers online at