Jessica Wilson, Let's Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at Dalhousie University

Jessica Wilson

Jessica was inspired by a Let’s Talk Science event in high school to pursue her current major in Microbiology and Immunology. Volunteering with Let’s Talk Science has provided an opportunity for Jessica to make the same impact on kids!

Time volunteering with Lets Talk Science: 1.5 years

Area of study: Bachelor’s of Science, Major in Microbiology and Immunology

Inspirational Moment: Receiving a thank you card from a grade 1 class that contained all of their fingerprints. The child who presented it had been asking me questions the entire workshop, and her eagerness and curiosity was contagious!

Favourite Lets Talk Science volunteering activity: Running a station at a Girl Guides science event where the children were able to play with small cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Many of the leaders were equally interested!

Why do you volunteer with Lets Talk Science? It was a Let’s Talk Science event in high school that inspired me to pursue my current major, and I wanted to have the same impact on kids as those volunteers and that event had on me.

Fun fact: I recently got back into dance after a couple of years off and have been loving my involvement with DalDance society!