Magdalena Pop, Let's Talk Science CurioCity Volunteer

It’s not just the kids who are learning! Our volunteers also learn new science and ways of explaining science topics through their work. 

MagdalenaNumber of years volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: 1 year 7 months

Area of study: Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotech, Synthetic Biology

Tell us about an inspirational moment from your volunteer work: When I grasped the true meaning of the Higgs while researching and writing the article “Why care about the Higgs boson?

Favourite part of volunteering online with CurioCity: Finding topics that show the ubiquitous and captivating nature of science and making them understandable to youth.

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? To connect schools to real-world science

Fun fact: Nothing beats standing on top of a mountain!