Laetitia Guillemette, Let’s Talk Science CurioCité Volunteer

You can volunteer in French, English, online and in person! Help us make our programs accessible to all Canadians. 

LaetitiaNumber of Years Volunteering with CurioCity? 3 years

Area of Study: Applied Health Sciences

Your favorite aspect or volunteering online with CurioCity: I like the opportunity to write about subjects that matter to me, that are in the news and that concern youth directly – and adults too, in fact! Human health is very complex and I, myself, would have liked to have access to simple, understandable texts like those available online at CurioCity. No matter the time, no matter where I am, I can write articles that will, hopefully, be both instructive and captivating, and those articles will be available to young people across Canada!

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? I first decided to volunteer for Let’s Talk Science because, as a scientist, I believe in its primary mission to make science more appealing to young people. However, the key element of my decision was the call for French writers for CurioCité. In a world where science is evolving mostly in English, I felt it was crucial to take part in the creation of French content, so that Francophone youth could also use this marvelous tool and learn more about science, an ever-so-fascinating subject!