Leann Sweeney, Let’s Talk Science Outreach and CurioCity Volunteer

We want to make volunteering possible for everyone interested. This includes finding specific activities that suit the schedules and interests of both professionals and students.


Number of years volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: 4 years

Where do you work? Amgen Canada

Inspirational Moment: Feeling the connection with students when you talk about how you have been inspired by science. The sense is that you are the first adult who really can translate how they are feeling about science into a potential rewarding career. After my talks many students and their parents approach me with similar feedback and it inspires me to want to do more volunteering.

Favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteering activity: All to be honest. I walk away from each and every one with a huge sense of having given something of value to the students.

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? I believe in pay it forward. I know that someone who made a difference for me to be passionate about science and pursue my dream of a science-based career. Being a volunteer is a tangible way for me to be that person for someone else and give back in thanks to those who inspired me.

Fun Fact: I love sports especially NCAA Football & Basketball!