Heidi Dixon, Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at Memorial University, St. John's Campus

Heidi is one of our many volunteers who takes part in multi-day outreach trips to remote communities across Canada. Volunteers can be travelling for Let’s Talk Science anywhere from an afternoon to over a week! Providing equitable access is an important goal for all of Let’s Talk Science’s programs.

Heidi Dixon

Time volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: 5 years

Job title: Community Programs Developer

Inspirational Moment: I am currently on an outreach trip in Labrador, visiting Aboriginal communities. The response has been great during all sessions, but one in particular was the most inspirational so far. After doing a classroom session, one of the children came up and thanked me for my presentation. After giving me a high five, I asked if he would like to be a scientist some day- the enthusiastic yes I got made my day!

Favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteering activity: I love doing kits with younger kids- my favourite one is Matter Matters!

Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? I have always loved volunteering, when I heard about the program during my science studies at university, I knew it would be a perfect fit! Seeing the kids find the fun in science and becoming interested in it is always an exciting part of the experience.

Fun fact: When I'm not volunteering with Let's Talk Science, I'm working at the St. John's Native Friendship Centre as their community programs developer. I'm First Nations myself and I'm getting pretty good at traditional beading!