Mazen Saleh, Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at Laurentian University

Mazen SalehAs a faculty member at Laurentian, Mazen uses his knowledge and experience to inspire high school students during lab tours on campus.

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Time volunteering with Let’s Talk Science: 5 years

Current Position: Associate Professor and Chair

Inspirational Moment: One moment was about 6 months ago at the local grocery store in the south end of Sudbury. I was approached by a student in Grade 11 who wanted to know more about viruses. She was very interested in viruses and how they cause disease. I spent a few minutes talking with her about viral diseases and I could see the excitement in her eyes as I explained some aspects of viral infections. That was very inspiring indeed.

Favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteering activity: Meeting with high school students during their visits to Laurentian and giving them a tour of my lab.

 Why do you volunteer with Let’s Talk Science? I love to share my passion for science with future generations.

Fun fact: Viruses do not infect each other, but they can infect plants, animals, and even bacteria.