Science is Beautiful Winners Announced

We are proud to announce the finalists and national winner for the Science is Beautiful Art Competition.

“I’ve been extremely impressed with their artistic skills,” recounts Katy Hartling, the 2014 organizer for the competition. “They really are very impressive, and it’s always really interesting to see (and read) how the scientific inspiration ties into both the subject of the piece and the medium used.”

Congratulations to Sarah Langois for winning the 1st place prize for her composed photograph!

Description of scientific concept:
Sarah’s photo illustrates the reaction of manganese dioxide with hydrogen peroxide. Such chemical reactions are closely related to the creation and preservation of life (represented by the anatomical diagram below) and are explained using the periodic table (behind).

Sarah Langlois' winning piece

The runner up for the national award is Josh Toews, who used acrylic painting on canvas to depict his scientific concept:

Josh Toews' second prize piece

Description of scientific concept:
Josh's work represents a magnified image of components of the nervous system.

Congratulations to all participants in this year’s contest! For information about next year’s competition, contact: