Over 3,000 students take the Let’s Talk Science Challenge

Let's Talk Science Challenge ActivityWith 3,121 students forming 821 teams, and accompanied by 262 teachers at 23 universities and colleges across Canada, the Let’s Talk Science Challenge certainly made a splash this year! Read on for some of our highlights from the 2014 Challenge.

Special, stormy greetings

George Kourounis, a Canadian Storm Chaser, opened the Let’s Talk Science Challenge with a welcome video greeting. His enthusiasm for science and exciting action footage from the field captivated the students at the start of the event.

Long distance dedication

Of the many highlights of the 2014 Challenge, we were especially inspired by a two-student team from a small town in Labrador who travelled over 600 km by ferry and car to participate and came in second place!

What’s in a name?

The students also came up with some very inventive names for their Challenge teams, including: The ‘Atoms’ Family, Cooler than Asbolute Zero, Free Radicals, Mathemagicians and Symbiotic Fungi. Many also dressed the part with themed costumes to match their high spirits at the Challenge.

And the winners are…

Read all about our 2014 Challenge winners here.

Making it all happen

We thank our sponsors for their generous support, which allows us to deliver the Challenge to so many students across the country. Special thanks go to Pfizer, national presenting sponsor of the Let’s Talk Science Challenge.