Public Health Outreach

science demonstration

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and Let’s Talk Science Outreach at University of Guelph have teamed up again this year to bring hands-on/minds-on health activities to students in the region.

Six volunteers dedicated to this partnership have been spending November working with Public Health to prepare for the program including participating in training workshops covering youth engagement, and an introduction to tobacco industry denormalization. Volunteers also attended The Freeze Summit 2014, organized by the Central West & Southwest Tobacco Control Area Networks, Freeze the Industry and the Ontario Lung Association's Youth Advocacy Training Institute.

Building on last year's partnerships/projects, the 6 volunteers have developed modules for "Smoke-Free Movies", "Freeze the Industry," and "Smoke Free Outdoor Spaces," which will run in 8 classrooms in November, and more throughout the year.

“Although youth and teenagers of this century have been educated from an early age about the harmful effects of smoking, there is still a group of people that choose to smoke despite this knowledge,” explains Chelsea McPherson, one of the volunteers taking part in this program. “I believe that smoking education from a different point of view… is needed in order to continue decreasing the number of people that smoke.”

Working with employees at Public Health, the volunteers will continue to train and test out their new activities. Both local and rural schools in the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph region will have the chance to take part in these activities over the school year.

For more information and to request a visit from Outreach volunteers in Guelph, visit the Let`s Talk Science Outreach at the University of Guelph website.