Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Let’s Talk Science Launch Partnership

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC) and Let’s Talk Science are partnering to help our nation’s youth strengthen their learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and prolong their studies in these fields.

Under the terms of the signed Memorandum of Agreement, the CSTMC will share and develop content that will be disseminated by Let’s Talk Science through its various outreach programs and activities, as well as CurioCity, Let’s Talk Science’s web-based program that connects students and teachers with experts in the STEM community.

New! Innovation & Entrepreneurship Theme on CurioCity
- includes student and educator resources on STEM entrepreneurship

As a first step in this partnership, Let’s Talk Science and the CMSTC  are collaborating, with support from MaRS Discovery District, on a series of three Innovation & Entrepreneurship events where high school students explore how entrepreneurial skills are similar to the inquiry and problem-solving skills taught and reinforced in the study of STEM subjects. This first-in-kind initiative directly addresses:

  • the need to engage more students to study science-based programs throughout high school and post-secondary in Canada; and
  • the viability of entrepreneurship as a career choice for Canadian youth. Currently, 1.3 billion people all across the world are self-employed.

According to a 2012 report from Let’s Talk Science with support from Amgen Canada, there is a huge drop-off in the uptake of science and math courses once they are no longer compulsory, usually after Grade 10. Additionally, the proportion of students studying these courses in colleges and universities remains flat. To learn more about this report, please visit

For more details on this iniative, read the official media release.