University of Winnipeg volunteer helps expand program reach

Students look through microscopesAt the University of Winnipeg, Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers are keen to take on new projects and expand what they do and where they go. This past fall, volunteer Cody Clovechok, took the initative to organize a rural trip to a new community in Manitoba.

After months of contacting schools, preparing activities and booking vehicles, Cody and fellow volunteers had plans to travel to The Pas, MB, a community over 600 km away from the university.

In April, the volunteers drove up to The Pas to spend a day working with 8-10 year-olds. They brought with them workshops, including Super Science Challenges, The Bone Zone and a demo explaining how the ear works. Another activity involved looking at slides of bones, muscles and brain through a microscope.

“The microscopes were a huge hit,” recounts Clovechok. “The students couldn’t get over the fact that they were looking at an actual brain.”

tympanic membrane activityBoth students and teachers had great fun with the hands-on activities.

“The youth absolutely loved it,” says Clovechok. “They were very interested in all the activities. The model hand was very cool - the teachers even stated that they would incorporate it into their lessons in future years. Some students couldn’t put the activity down – one girl actually asked for extra supplies so she could make another when she got home! It was great to see so many students interested in science as many replied that it was their favourite class in school.”

Based on the feedback and excitement from teachers and students, the event seems like it will have a lasting effect in The Pas. Perhaps our Outreach volunteers will get to travel back again next year!

Thank you to The Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation and The Winnipeg Foundation, for supporting the Outreach program in and around Winnipeg. For a full listing of our supporters, visit our supporters page.