Download the Handbook

The 2019 Let’s Talk Science Challenge Student Handbook is now available. Right click on the image below and hit 'save link as' to download the handbook.

Let's Talk Science Challenge Handbook

How to use the Handbook

Download the Handbook and provide copies to the students to study and practise from. TIP: to save printing, divide the whole book amongst the students (i.e. two chapters per student).

On the day of the Challenge, all team members will collaborate to provide the answers to the questions, which are categorized by chapter. Past participants have divided up the Handbook so each team member is responsible for 2-3 chapters.

Each chapter (except math) will have a hands-on activity. Encourage the students to practise these challenges. The design challenge on the day of the event will not be one of these activities, but practising these activities will help the students work on their communication, creativity and collaboration skills. 

Students can also test their comprehension and knowledge by using the online quizzes, which will be made available in mid-February.

If you have any questions, please contact Christina Carnovale at .

A big thank you to all the contributors and sponsors of the Handbook. Let’s Talk Science relies on hundreds of experts across Canada to contribute to and/or validate the content of the Handbook.

Let’s Talk Science Challenge Supporters