What is your weight on another planet?

What is your weight on another planet?
Top Image: Wikimedia Commons

Concepts: gravity, weight

Skills: calculating data, comparing & contrasting

What you need


  • Calculator
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Gravitational factors from chart provided

What to do

  1. Record your weight in pounds
  2. To calculate your "new weight," multiply your weight by each of the gravitational factors for each planet:
Planet Gravitational Factor x Weight On Earth (pounds) = Your New Weight (pounds)
Mercury 0.38    
Venus 0.91    
Earth 1.00    
Mars 0.38    
Jupiter 2.54    
Saturn 1.08    
Uranus 0.91    
Neptune 1.19    


What’s happening?

Your weight is a measurement of the amount of pull of gravity between you and the planet you are standing on. The mass of the planet you are standing on and the distance you are standing from the centre of the planet affects your weight because the farther you are from the centre, the weaker the pull of gravity.

Why does it matter?

Gravity has a serious impact on the body. Our bodies are adapted to living with gravity, weight and the resistance to gravity we encounter on Earth. Our everyday movements on Earth help to keep our muscles and bones strong, as we are constantly working against gravity to stand up, walk, run and climb stairs. During extended periods of time in space, a person’s muscles weaken and their bones lose calcium because of the absence of gravity. Astronauts that are working in space for more than a few days must do daily resistance exercises to work their muscles in order to maintain their strength and bone mass so they can return to Earth healthy.


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