Benefits of Volunteering

Three post-secondary volunteers in Let's Talk Science hoodies smiling while working on an activity

Let’s Talk Science volunteers are role models for young Canadians. As a volunteer, you will:

  • Develop Leadership Skills: Create your own STEM activities and take charge of special events and programs.
  • Be a Role Model: Our volunteers are awe-inspiring. Motivate and inspire youth to enjoy, understand and pursue STEM.
  • Develop Teaching Skills: Learn how to make STEM material interesting to young minds by designing engaging activities.
  • Develop Communication Skills: Gain experience public speaking and writing, tailoring topics to various ages and making research in your own field accessible to youth.
  • Network and Collaborate: Seize the opportunity to work in a team and meet like-minded people.
  • Make a Difference: Be part of a national community that has excited, inspired and engaged 5 million children, youth, educators, and volunteers since 1993.
  • Formal Recognition: Each year, we honour the efforts of our Let’s Talk Science volunteers with three prestigious awards.

Volunteer Support & Training

As a volunteer with Let's Talk Science, we prepare you to succeed. You'll have a network of staff and other volunteers there to support you. You'll be provided with a direct contact who supports your Outreach efforts and provides you with volunteer opportunities, as well as access to training, guides, kits and materials to help get you started.

At each of our local Outreach sites, our coordinators are trained and ready to support their volunteers. Every year, coordinators are invited to our regional and national conferences where they're given the tools necessary for success in their local Outreach programs.