Jade Atkins

National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

2018 Award Winner: Jade Atkins, Carleton University

Jade has been volunteering with Let’s Talk Science for 7 years! She is aware of her impact as a role model to all the students she visits, especially Indigenous women. As such, Jade works to broaden and break stereotypes typically associated with STEM careers.

2018 Runners-Up

Runner-up: Christine Vaccaro, University of Manitoba

Christine is involved in a wide range of activities at her local outreach site. She has created activities on topics ranging from computer programming to plant microscopy. She takes part in rural outreach trips, Girls in Science day, and Summer Day camps.

Runner-up: Daniel Saucier, Université de Moncton

Daniel is a dedicated francophone volunteer who has done over 35 activities in the past year! He helps organize a regular science club at a school in Dieppe, NB and has created new inquiry-based activities for students.

Runner-up: Erica Mitchell, University of Winnipeg

Erica helps organize and coordinate a partnership with the UWSA daycare on their campus. She works with her team to create a suite of activities, including topics based on the children’s requests! As co-leader of this partnership, she also supports her fellow volunteers.

Runner-up: Krysta Levac, Professional Volunteer

Krysta has been volunteering for the past 6 years at New Sarum Public School. As a volunteer not connected to one of our Outreach sites, Krysta independently builds and maintains educator relationships, creates activities, and arranges her classroom visits.

Past Winners

2017 - Jennifer Neufeld, University of Ottawa
2016 – Portia Kalun, McMaster University
2015 – Curtis McCloskey, University of Ottawa
2014 – Sue McKee, University of Ottawa
2013 – Li Wang, University of Saskatchewan
2012 – Gabriel Potvin, University of Ottawa
2011 – Sara Rafferty, University of Ottawa

Michelle Trudel

Let’s Talk Science David Colcleugh Leadership Award

2018 Award Winner: Michelle Lynn Trudel, University of Winnipeg

Michelle’s first year as a site coordinator included improving the visibility of the program on her campus, and growing the access to programs at rural and Indigenous communities.

2018 Runners-Up

Runner-up: Renee Nelson, University of Ottawa

Renee has put a strong focus on ensuring that the many unique communities within and outside of Ottawa are able to access STEM programs in a way that best suits their student’s specific needs.

Runner-up: Ryan Kahue, Western University

This past year Ryan has empowered his volunteers to grow the program and their own skills by creating and supporting volunteer led committees and trying out new volunteer recognition strategies.

Past Winners

2017 - Mannix Chan, University of Victoria
2016 – Emily Ng, University of Calgary
2015 – Rachel Ward-Maxwell, McMaster University
2014 – Gabriel Potvin, University of Ottawa
2013 – Frances Lasowski, McMaster University
2012 – Megan Dodd, McMaster University
2011 – Julie Mason, University of Toronto, St. George campus

Moushumi Nath

National Volunteer Award, CurioCity

2018 Award Winner: Moushumi Nath

Moushumi wrote five articles for CurioCity last year. Her specialty is finding the fun and fascinating STEM behind topics that teens might be thinking about anyway, like “Why do I get carsick?”“What’s the deal with those nostalgic posts on Instagram?” or even “Could hippogriffs actually exist?!”

2018 Runners-Up

Beverly McClenaghan

Beverly has a knack for showing her readers the hidden excitement of the plant and animal world. She writes vivid, detailed articles that get you thinking about trees, ants, and other living things you might take for granted in a whole new way.

Harleen Saini

This past year, Harleen reviewed over 40 older articles on CurioCity to make sure they were up-to-date and still relevant to teens! She also wrote two articles. She writes in a fun, conversational tone that helps draw readers in to complex topics. It’s like learning STEM from a good friend.

Past Winners

2017 - Mira Okshevsky
2016 – Anna Zhou, University of Toronto

Indigenous Award 2018

Indigenous Outreach Project Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

2018 Award Winner: Let’s Talk Science Outreach team at the University of Calgary

Volunteer team: Shinia Van, Aurna Khan, Reem Ghaleb, Tianyi Zhao, Kourosh Banaeianzadeh, and Sid Goutam

In response to the struggle that many students have in completing their schooling and low attendance in high school programs, these volunteers organized a mini-university school day for students from Morley, AB. Students came to the Foothills Campus in Calgary to participate in hands-on science, gain insight into what university looks like and explore some available career options.

2018 Runners-Up

A remarkable journey with the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre, Let’s Talk Science at the University of Ottawa

What started as a request to support the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre earlier this year grew into a much bigger, stronger partnership between the children, volunteers, and educators.

Cross Lake First Nation Outreach, Let’s Talk Science at the University of Winnipeg

In December 2017, volunteers worked with the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police to do outreach in 3 schools in Cross Lake First Nation. They plan to return next year.