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Join us in advocating for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy for Canadian youth.

advocateWith five million children and youth currently enrolled in schools across Canada, the time is right to guide a national vision to ensure they’re prepared to thrive in a world increasingly shaped by science and technology.

At Let’s Talk Science, we have a bold vision of a long-term, consistent and sustained approach to advocating STEM literacy. Our Spotlight on Science Learning reports uncover why you should care about STEM learning.

Why advocate?

advocateIt takes a country to raise a child. Everyone has a role to play! Starting in the sandbox, developing STEM skills early is key to ensuring Canadian youth are equipped for their future roles as informed citizens and working professionals. Inspiring and engaging them now will not only help them to thrive personally, but to contribute to an innovative workforce able to meet the changing needs of a global economy.

Impact of advocacy

With more people working together, we can ensure our young people have access to the programs, resources, learning opportunities and career information that will keep them engaged and help them fulfill their potentials.

How to advocate

Talk about the importance of engaging youth in STEM literacy with:

  • your political representatives
  • your child’s teachers and principals
  • your local school and community centre leaders


  • in your home
  • in your backyard
  • in your community
  • in your child’s classroom

Join STEM advocacy groups

The Science and Technology Awareness Network (STAN) is a national network open to all organizations and individuals committed to improving science and technology literacy for all Canadians.

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