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Who turned you on to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? Let’s Talk Science volunteers are role models for young Canadians. As a volunteer, you can share your knowledge to inspire and engage kids, helping them to discover the relevance of science in their own lives. We invite you to explore the ways that you can be a role model in your own community, as part of the Let’s Talk Science Team.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • volunteer1-attribute-to-Jonathan-WeberDevelop Leadership Skills: Create your own STEM activities and take charge of special events and programs.
  • Be a Role Model: Our volunteers are awe-inspiring. Motivate and inspire youth to enjoy, understand and pursue STEM.
  • Develop Teaching Skills: Learn how to make STEM material interesting to young minds by designing engaging hands-on/minds-on activities.
  • Develop Communication Skills: Gain experience speaking in front of audiences or writing effective articles, tailoring topics to various age ranges and making research in your own field accessible to children and youth.
  • Network and Collaborate: Seize the opportunity to work in a team and meet like-minded people.
  • Make a Difference: Be part of a national community that has excited, inspired and engaged over 3 million children, youth, educators, and volunteers since 1993.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Share your love of STEM with children and be inspired by their enthusiasm!

Ways to Volunteer

Are you a post-secondary student, STEM industry professional or Let’s Talk Science alumni interested in providing enriching STEM learning experiences to Canadian youth? There are many ways you can volunteer with us, whether in person or online. The following are some examples of volunteer opportunities that we encourage you to take part in:

Let’s Talk Science Outreach

volunteerOur Outreach program partners volunteers with teachers and community programs to lead kids through exciting hands-on/minds-on STEM activities, from making slime and building roller coasters to visiting post-secondary campuses for day-long special events.

Are you a post-secondary student or faculty member?

To volunteer at a Let’s Talks Science Outreach post-secondary location nearest you go to Find Local Outreach and contact the local coordinator about volunteer opportunities. If your institution doesn’t appear on this list, contact Isabel Deslauriers, National Coordinator, Outreach.

Calling all Industry Professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)!

Share your expertise with youth across Canada—and inspire them toward STEM studies and career options! We can help you meet your volunteer goals within your busy schedule.

Let’s Talk Science can:

  • Help you find outreach opportunities that match your interests and availability
  • Connect you with youth and other members of the public in your community
  • Provide logistical support for your volunteer work

To learn more or to sign up, contact Lauren Hollis, Program Support Coordinator, Let’s Talk Science Outreach.


Curiocity-3Volunteering online with CurioCity is an excellent way to contribute to Let’s Talk Science if you:

  • want to participate in outreach activities but are unable to volunteer in person because of distance or time constraints,
  • are already a volunteer but want to do more,
  • enjoy researching and writing,
  • want to engage youth in STEM using online technology, or
  • want to be involved in special online projects (such as CurioCity’s action projects).

For more details, visit CurioCity’s volunteer page.

Volunteer Support & Training

volunteer4-opg-march-madnessAs a volunteer with Let's Talk Science, we prepare you to succeed. You'll have a network of staff and other volunteers there to support you! You'll be provided with a direct contact who supports your Outreach efforts who provides you with volunteer opportunities, as well as access to training, guides, kits and materials to help get you started.

Let's Talk Science Outreach volunteers are eligible to attend our Science with Impact® training workshops free of charge. Science with Impact® focuses on techniques that make outreach with children and youth a fun and rewarding experience! Topics covered include teaching strategies, learning theories, and techniques for designing innovative, custom hands-on activities on any STEM topic.

If you're interested in learning more about Science with Impact® workshops, but are not involved in Let’s Talk Science Outreach, we can provide you with pricing and other information. Contact Susie Taylor, Program Support Coordinator, Outreach.

At each of our local Outreach sites, our coordinators are trained and ready to support their volunteers. Every year, coordinators are invited to our regional and national conferences where they're given the tools necessary for success in their local Outreach programs.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our volunteers have to say about volunteering with Let’s Talk Science.


“I believe that Let’s Talk Science is the perfect program for youth who learn interactively.”

Neeraj GuptaLet’s Talk Science volunteer

“I get to see the different approaches people take to writing for a younger audience. Being a volunteer writer, I also get to practice my writing skills and it has become easier with each article.”

Let’s Talk Science volunteer

“During times when I’m feeling frustrated and burned out, [volunteering with Let’s Talk Science] renews my interest in my work by allowing me to see my subject through fresh eyes.”

Michelle Leger Let’s Talk Science volunteer

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