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Inspiring Futures

Outreach ActivityScience, technology and innovation are increasingly important to Canada’s economic well-being and quality of life. Many jobs that will be in high demand in the coming decades, from health care to skilled trades, require a background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Jobs in every field call for people who are analytical, creative, curious and critical thinkers who are able to make connections.

These qualities can be nurtured through effective STEM engagement. Critical global issues including climate change, energy sustainability, agriculture and healthcare are underpinned by STEM and demand participation by informed citizens. With the increasing complexities of work and life, there is growing international agreement that knowledge and skill in STEM fields are closely related to a country’s capacity to compete.

However, there is a significant decline in the uptake of STEM courses by Canadian youth once they’re no longer compulsory (usually after Grade 10). By the end of high school, most students are not taking senior science, unknowingly closing many doors to future opportunities.

Outreach ActivityBuilding Skills for Life

We are determined to succeed in our vision: we want every Canadian youth to benefit from our programs and understand the relevance of STEM in their lives. We work towards having children and youth develop their full potential and realize how STEM is interconnected with so many career choices. STEM skills are also incredibly practical for the kind of problem solving and creative thinking needed in daily life, no matter which career path youth choose.

Our Goals

At Let’s Talk Science, our goals are to:

  • support children by building a solid learning foundation
  • increase high school STEM participation
  • increase youth interest in pursuing STEM pathways through college, university and the skilled trades
  • connect youth with positive role models and volunteers
  • improve educators’ capacity to support STEM learning
  • engage volunteers and support their skill development
  • raise public awareness of the importance of STEM learning for Canada’s future

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Marcy Maracle, a Let’s Talk Science Coordinator at McGill University, recently organized an outreach visit back to her home on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, a rural First Nations community in Southern Ontario.

Click here to learn more about Marcy’s Outreach trip, along with her experiences with Let’s Talk Science.

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