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We understand the key role educators play in fostering critical thinking and creativity inherent in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Learning in STEM depends on the active engagement of our youth in high-quality learning experiences both inside and outside the classrooms.

At Let’s Talk Science, we work with education partners to develop engaging and relevant STEM learning resources, planning tools and programs to support busy educators from preschool through high school for their critical roles in creating dynamic classrooms and inspiring futures.

That’s why we:

  • Educatorsconnect educators with outstanding STEM volunteers who are positive role models for youth
  • offer programs for both educators and youth with high-quality learning resources that support the curriculum
  • use web-enabled technologies to improve access to quality resources for all – anywhere and anytime!
  • train our outreach volunteers in common pedagogical theories
  • explore ways to enhance and use technology to support professional learning and build collaborative networks

Educators play a vital role in being inspirational champions and coaches for today’s young people. Many adults can recall a remarkable educator who affected their life, often by inspiring them to see their own potential and encouraging for them to pursue their own interests.

And that’s why, as a charitable organization, we work as much as possible with funding partners to maintain free access to our programs and services.

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Our Programs & Resources

EducatorsCurioCity: a web-enabled program that brings the relevance of STEM to life for teens using a social and issues-based perspective, with a strong careers component. Educator resources include planning space, instructional strategies, exemplars and more (suitable for Grades 8-12).

IdeaPark: a dynamic online place for early years and K-3 educators, including a suite of planning tools, resources and professional learning opportunities that support young children’s development as critical thinkers and problem solvers. Available in English and French

Let’s Talk Science Outreach: a community-based program connecting post-secondary and industry volunteers with children, youth and educators in schools and community settings across Canada. Educators ask volunteers to come to K-12 classrooms to engage students through STEM.

Let’s Talk Science Challenge: a national, team-based, competitive enrichment event for Grades 6-8 students that takes places annually at many Let’s Talk Science Outreach locations.

Tomatosphere™: an out-of-this-world educational project for Grades K-12 that examines the effects of space on plant growth through experimentation, observation and data collection.

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