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Canada’s many education systems have served us very well but were designed for a different era. From coast to coast, provinces and territories are recognizing the critical need to change their systems and programs in order to embrace a student-centred approach to developing 21st century thinkers.

At Let’s Talk Science, we help support this shift towards competency-based learning with our innovative programs and resources for educators and youth. Our programs help youth build critical competencies and support educators in pedagogically-sound ways that respect and honour their professionalism. We deliver active engagement of our youth in high-quality learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

We’re contributing to the development of a generation of youth that understands the importance of STEM for Canada’s future. These youth will become our leaders, innovators and decision makers; it’s critical for them to be prepared to thrive in a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology.

Our national scope offers a unique perspective about education. It leverages significant efficiencies and results in economies of scale. And it attracts valuable partnerships. At the same time, we understand jurisdictional curricula and develop quality programs that address regional needs and priorities.

We value working with government partners at all levels and in all regions, and have experience working on special projects as well as playing a convening role that brings people together to share expertise and shape our programs. Public investments are stewarded with great care and diligence; they enable us to scale our reach and realize our values of accessibility, quality, transparency and excellence.

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Our Programs

Let’s Talk Science OutreachActivity: Our post-secondary and industry volunteers engage youth of all ages directly in hands-on learning, modelling their own interests and passions in diverse STEM fields. With a commitment to ensuring broad access for youth, volunteers provide free programs in schools and community settings in urban, rural, remote and Aboriginal communities across Canada. We increase youth interest in post-secondary education and their desire to pursue STEM-based careers. Volunteers also help youth confront challenging social issues and negative stereotypes related to STEM all while developing their own leadership, communication and time management skills.

Let’s Talk Science Challenge: offered at a majority of our Outreach sites, this annual STEM enrichment competition for Grades 6-8 students builds a culture of excellence and improves youth awareness about the breadth of opportunities that STEM learning provides.

IdeaPark: supporting early years and primary educators to build on children’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them while fostering skills and attitudes that underpin the desire to learn. We know that children who participate in meaningful early learning experiences are also more likely to complete school, realize better health outcomes, secure jobs and be more informed citizens.

CurioCity: guided by a national education advisory panel that now includes representatives from several ministries of education and teachers’ associations, this web-enabled program with a strong career component makes STEM relevant to teens at a critical time when they begin to decide whether to disengage from STEM studies.

Tomatosphere™: an annual national science experiment for Grades K-12 that uses the hook of space exploration to build interest and excitement about STEM.

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