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At Let’s Talk Science, we’re helping to prepare a generation of people for a rapidly-changing world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology.

With identified talent needs forecast for many diverse fields, our programs help youth build positive attitudes, STEM knowledge and skills that are valuable for all careers, such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, team work and more. By showcasing the breadth and diversity of careers that benefit from STEM learning, we encourage youth to consider all post-secondary pathways, including university, college and the skilled trades.

Our volunteers, which include thousands of talented post-secondary students, also develop important skills and improve their own career awareness by participating with Let’s Talk Science.

We play a catalytic role by bringing together industry and the education community to transform youth learning opportunities. Financial support from our industry partners is stewarded with care and is critical to enable program access for youth and educators from coast to coast. By offering our industry partners many ways to engage their employees and bring life to STEM fields, we can help youth better understand the relevance of STEM in the “real world,” as described below.

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Our Programs

Welding WorkshopLet’s Talk Science Outreach: a program that engages industry volunteers with youth and educators face to face in schools and community settings across the country. Engagement opportunities include career panels, classroom outreach, community events and more. We provide training and can also provide Outreach kits for volunteers.

Let’s Talk Science Challenge: offered at select Outreach sites, this annual STEM enrichment competition for Grades 6-8 students engages industry volunteers in various ways that range from competition judging, key-note addresses and helping out for the day to motivate competitors.

IdeaPark: a suite of early learning resources is available for industry volunteers to use when working with young children.

CurioCity: a web-enabled program that brings the relevance of STEM to life for teens using a social and issues-based perspective, which engages industry volunteers who validate technical content, contribute articles, videos, career profiles and more. CurioCity offers a convenient way to volunteer, since it’s online and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Tomatosphere™: an annual national science experiment that uses the hook of space exploration, which can be supported by industry volunteers who visit groups that participate in the project.

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