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Outreach ActivityParents are the first and most important educators in a child’s life. Teens report that their parents’ opinions about high school course selection and post-secondary plans are very important to them. Yet our research suggests that parents are not exerting that influence when it comes to science education, and not enough are discussing the importance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for their children’s futures.

Parents must have these conversations with their children. They also need to have access to timely and relevant information to help keep the doors to their children's futures open. That’s where Let’s Talk Science comes in.

We offer programs that help youth prepare for a changing world, quite different from the one most parents faced at the same age. We also support educators so they are better able to support student success.

Let’s Talk Science supports parents by:

  • encouraging parents to join classrooms when our volunteers visit and to meet us at community events where they can engage in hands-on learning along with their children
  • sharing our research findings through the media, as well as our website and social media networks
  • encouraging parents to work with their children’s teachers, principals, school councils and school boards to highlight the importance of STEM learning
  • building partnerships with organizations (such as TV Ontario) that offer daily educational television programing for young families
  • providing activities you can try at home and resources for homeschooling

Parents can access our programs directly and/or advise educators and community leaders about their availability. Thanks to our supporters, most of Let’s Talk Science programs are available free of charge.

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Our Programs

Let’s Talk Science OutreachOutreach photo credit: Jonathan Weber: available at university and college sites across Canada, this program connects university, college and industry volunteers with youth, face to face, in schools and community settings in hundreds of communities across the country.

Let’s Talk Science Challenge: offered at select Outreach sites from coast to coast, this annual STEM enrichment competition for Grades 6-8 students benefits from parental engagement as team coaches and chaperones.

IdeaPark: developed for early years and primary educators, parents can find age-appropriate activities to do with young children through this web-enabled program.

CurioCity: a web-enabled program that brings the relevance of STEM to life for teens using a social and issues-based perspective includes articles, videos, career and research profiles, national action projects and more. Parents can showcase the resource to their teenagers and explore it themselves.

Tomatosphere™: an annual national science experiment for Grades K-12 that uses the hook of space exploration can be accessed by community youth groups as well as classroom educators.

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