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Let’s Talk Science National Volunteer Awards honour volunteers

2017-06-02 | News, News & Events

Let’s Talk Science is delighted to annually recognize three amazing volunteers for their commitment to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and outreach and for inspiring those around them to achieve greatness.

This year’s Let’s Talk Science National Volunteer Award winners are Jennifer Neufeld at the University of Ottawa, Mannix Chan at the University of Victoria and Mira Okshevsky. Jennifer Neufeld is being honored with the Let’s Talk Science Outreach National Volunteer Award, Mannix Chan is the winner of the David Colcleucgh Leadership Award and Mira Okshevsky is the winner of the CurioCity National Volunteer Award.

The National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach recognizes an outstanding Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer who is passionate about STEM and who is committed to enhancing science education through effective communication, innovation in approach and in their activities, and is a positive role model for children and teens.

2017 National Outreach Conference attendees Jennifer Neufeld, Let’s Talk Science Outreach at University of Ottawa

This year, Jenn has been focused on getting students excited about science and joining the scientific community. During her outreach visits she shares her passion and talks about STEM career pathways related to the topic. Over the past few months Jenn has traveled to the remote communities of Fort Albany First Nation and Kashechewan First Nation, along with supporting other local Indigenous outreach initiatives in Ottawa.

We would also like to congratulate the runners-up for this award: Analise Hoffman from the University of British Columbia, Caitlin Loo from the University of Toronto, Ethan Yang from McGill University and Nicole Jankovic from the University of Alberta.

The Let’s Talk Science David Colcleugh leadership award recognizes an Outreach site coordinator who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and has influenced others to create positive change through STEM outreach.

2017 National Outreach Conference attendeesMannix Chan, Let’s Talk Science Outreach at the University of Victoria

As a local coordinator, Mannix is excited about the opportunity to inspire young students with curiosity and to encourage volunteers to continue being curious as well. He works to understand his team members’ personal goals in order to provide them with the most rewarding experiences within Let’s Talk Science. With this interest in personal growth in mind, Mannix supports his volunteers in realizing their own leadership growth gained through volunteering.

We would also like to congratulate the runners-up: Ian Dimopoulos from the University of Winnipeg and Kendall Wyman from the University of New Brunswick, St. John.

The newest Volunteer award from Let’s Talk Science is the CurioCity National Volunteer Award which recognizes a volunteer who commits their time and energy to improving the offerings on the CurioCity website.

2017 National Outreach Conference attendeesMira Okshevsky

Mira is passionate about spreading STEM enthusiasm among youth. She embraces the challenge of writing for younger audiences, recognizing it as a useful exercise for mastering science communication in general. She regularly uses the skills she has picked up writing for CurioCity to share her research findings in other youth-oriented publications as well. She wrote four articles for CurioCity in 2016, covering topics like climate change, anthrax, and how stray human feet end up in the ocean. Her articles are not only clear and informative, but also a lot of fun!

We would also like to congratulate our runners-up: Chris Chen and Marie-Lyne Fillion.

The official announcement and recognition of this year’s winners took place at the National Outreach Conference banquet on June 3rd at 6:00 p.m. at the Wave in London, Ontario.

For more details about the National Volunteer Awards, visit our National Volunteer Awards Page.