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Activities: Try these!

Explore and discover the world around you by asking questions, investigating possible solutions and experimenting with objects you find in your daily life! Our database of hands-on/minds-on at-home activities is a great place for families to start exploring. Take a look around your home or backyard — science can be found everywhere!

Are you an educator? Let's Talk Science offers many opportunities to bring hands-on/minds-on STEM activities into the classroom. We invite you to check out our programs for children and youth of all ages.


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How does a wheelbarrow help you carry heavy loads?

How does a wheelbarrow help you carry heavy loads?

Explore a variety of simple machines using everyday materials and tools.


How do vacuum cleaners work?

Investigate the action of a vacuum cleaner.

Polar Bear

How do animals stay warm in the winter?

Using simple materials, explore the insulating effects of different materials.

Popcorn Kernels

How can you make popcorn kernels dance?

Explore a chemical reaction that can make popcorn 'dance'.

Big Dipper

How can I tell which way is north at night?

Make a constellation viewer and learn about the North Star.


How can I stop bananas from turning brown?

Explore the cause of fruit browning and discover how to prevent it using a simple antioxidant.

Coin Stack

How can I get a quarter through a dime sized hole?

Use creative problem solving to fit a quarter through a smaller sized hole.


How can I build a rollercoaster?

Design and build a rollercoaster to complete this exciting challenge!

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