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Student Preparation Centre

Welcome students! To best prepare for the competition, you should read and learn the contents of the Let’s Talk Science Challenge Student Handbook, as Challenge questions will be drawn from it. Since you’ll participate as a team for the entire day (there is no individual segment), feel free to divide up the Handbook and have each team member be responsible for 2-3 chapters instead of having everyone studying the whole book. Don’t overlook the Spotlight on Innovation sections!

Be sure to practise the hands-on activity challenges in each chapter. This will help you work on your team communication, creativity and design skills. The design challenge on the event day will NOT be from the Handbook.

Please note that your Handbook cannot be used during your participation in the Let’s Talk Science Challenge question and answer period.


Although the quizzes are presented in a multiple choice format, the question and answer session at the Let’s Talk Science Challenge will be short answer.

To help prepare you, a new quiz will be posted weekly for 10 weeks, starting the week after the handbook is released. You can do each quiz as many times as you like.

TIP: Practice the quizzes again before you attend the challenge on campus.

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Thank you to our supporters for making the Let’s Talk Science Challenge possible!