Rania Khelifi, Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at Simon Fraser University

2019-15-4 | Featured Volunteers

Rania has delivered many Let’s Talk Science workshops and feels the best way to help promote the sciences to youth is through engaging programs that enable curiosity and discovery!

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Olivia Louf, Let’s Talk Science Donor Industry-Based Volunteer with SAP Canada Inc.

2019-12-4 | Featured Volunteers

Olivia is a Delivery Manager with SAP Canada Inc. She translates career profiles and CurioCity articles for Let’s Talk Science!

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Waylon DeCoteau, Let’s Talk Science Coordinator and Volunteer at First Nations University of Canada

2019-11-4 | Featured Volunteers

As a Coordinator and Volunteer, Waylon loves creating an opportunity for youth to participate and get lost in the awesome world of STEM!

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Announcing the 2019 National Let’s Talk Science Award Finalists

2019-10-4 | News

Let’s Talk Science volunteers do amazing work in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) every day. Each year, we recognize the volunteers who have gone above and beyond to fully embrace the mission of Let’s Talk Science, through National Volunteer Awards. These awards recognize amazing communicators with youth, whose work has been an inspiration to other volunteers.

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Sammy Crowley, Let’s Talk Science Volunteer at Memorial University

2019-10-4 | Featured Volunteers

Sam has volunteered and coordinated Let’s Talk Science programs. She loves the Super Science Challenge because of the creativity that kids use in their designs!

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Lawrence Ostroff, Let’s Talk Science Donor Industry-based Volunteer from SAP North America Inc.

2019-9-4 | Featured Volunteers

Lawrence is a SAP North America Inc. employee who has been volunteering with Let’s Talk Science for 5 years. He enjoys supporting STEM education and computer science topics.

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Brian Ng, Let’s Talk Science Online and Outreach Volunteer at the University of British Columbia

2019-8-4 | Featured Volunteers

As a pharmacy student, Brian volunteers online and in the classroom! Brian volunteers with Let’s Talk Science to make science accessible and to influence youth to pursue higher education and a career in STEM!

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Véronique Brulé, Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at McGill University

2019-8-4 | Featured Volunteers

Véronique is an ambassador for science who has volunteered with Let’s Talk Science Outreach for 2 years and wants to inspire the next generation of scientists!

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Happy National Volunteer Week!

2019-8-4 | Featured Volunteers, News

Whether it’s inspiring discovery in a classroom, preparing activities behind the scenes or communicating advancements in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through writing articles – our volunteers make an enormous impact on the lives they touch. This past year, they’ve reached over 300,000 youth and contributed an amazing 55,000 hours.

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Let’s Talk Science integrating science and coding into Canadian classrooms

2019-29-3 | Media Releases

(Toronto, ON) As technology disrupts nearly all aspects of work and life, efforts are mounting to prepare students for work and citizen demands in an information era. Let’s Talk Science has developed an exciting national classroom experiment, Living Space, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency and with funding support from CanCode.

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Government of Canada invests in Let’s Talk Science and the future of Canadian youth

2019-20-3 | News

Let’s Talk Science thanks the Government of Canada for its renewed commitment in our work. Budget 2019 announced an investment of $10 million over two years to Let’s Talk Science, thereby extending its current commitment to 2022.

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Bayer Inc. investing $500,000 in STEM education for Canadian youth through Let’s Talk Science

2019-6-3 | Media Releases

Bayer Inc. a Canadian leader in life sciences, is excited to announce a $500,000 investment over four years to Let’s Talk Science, an award-winning organization focused on helping youth thrive as citizens in a workforce increasingly shaped by science and technology.

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Historic investments in Canada’s space program

2019-1-3 | Media Releases

What an incredible day for the future of space exploration and Canadians! Let’s Talk Science was honoured to be at the Canadian Space Agency to hear firsthand about Canada’s investment of $2 Billion in space and what that means for the future.

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Meryem Berrada, Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteer at University of Western Ontario

2019-27-2 | Featured Volunteers

Meryem has been inspiring youth in STEM through outreach activities with Let’s Talk Science since 2017.

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Celebrating International Day of Women & Girls in Science by inspiring the next generation of women

2019-12-2 | Media Releases

(Toronto, ON) Over 400 Grade 9-11 girls from St. Joseph’s College School in Toronto had the opportunity to hear from inspirational women as part of Let’s Talk Science’s celebration for International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Students were able to listen and ask questions from young women in different areas of the science industry.

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