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Students engage with CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen during Let’s Talk Lunar

CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen
CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen
June 03, 2022

Over 2500 students joined Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen for an inspiring keynote during Let’s Talk Lunar, Exploring the Moon, brought to you by Let’s Talk Science and the Canadian Space Agency. 

Along with a panel of experts, Jeremy broke down the importance of collaboration in space and explained the many career opportunities within the industry.

Let's Talk Lunar with CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen


Seeing the many Possibilities

For Grade 8 science teacher Meghan Polowin, this symposium offered students a way to see STEM as “cool” and accessible.

With more than half of youth graduating without a science or math credit, many are left behind and closing the door to a fulfilling STEM career. However, Meghan hopes that events such as Let’s Talk Lunar can help turn the tide.

“I hope students see the possibility in STEM after this presentation,” she said. “It’s important for students to see speakers in different paths and areas to see themselves in those careers.”

Meghan has experienced how students struggle to connect STEM to careers beyond a traditional scientist. Let’s Talk Lunar addressed this notion by showing youth how STEM is present everywhere.

Speaker Timiebi Aganaba, an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, talked to students about the ethics of space exploration and showed the many cultural differences when it comes to space travel - even as to whether humanity should be going to the moon. During her presentation, she showed youth how you don’t have to be a person in a lab coat to make an impact on lunar exploration.

“Sometimes, when students think of STEM, they just think of science and math class,” said Meghan. “Maybe, the science class isn’t for you, but the opportunities outside of it might be meaningful for you.”

As he wrapped up his keynote, Jeremy also touched upon why setting goals is necessary for success in life, including space.

“That’s what space exploration is; it’s about setting goals, bringing people together to innovate and work together.”

Coming soon: Continuing the Space Journey with the Lunar Rover Research Challenge

For students, the space journey doesn’t have to end with Let’s Talk Lunar.

In partnership with Canadensys and Avalon Space, Let's Talk Science is giving youth the opportunity to win the chance to control a Lunar Rover prototype in a simulated mission.

Participants will work together to develop a research proposal that will then be judged by experts, with the winner controlling the rover prototype.​​​

Want to know more? Check out the project page to learn more and sign-up for our exclusive mailing list.

Discover the Lunar Rover Research Challenge