take action week

Take Action Week

take action week

Take Action Week

Join us for Take Action Week!
May 16-20, 2022

Ways to participate:

clothing swap

A clothing swap is a fun way for youth to understand the concepts of repurposing and reusing. Download the Educator "Plan a Clothing Swap" infopack or have your students use the resources in our Action ideas to plan their own!

Student Resource

Volunteer interacting with students

Invite a Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer to lead an interactive workshop to extend your learning. Our volunteers can present workshops on a wide variety of STEM topics at various grade levels. At this time, Let’s Talk Science in-person outreach visits are starting to resume, but are still limited. Virtual outreach will remain available indefinitely through our national programming and many of our university and college site partners.

To request an Outreach visit for your classroom or community event, contact the post-secondary site closest to you.

Request a Workshop

Watching a video on laptop

If your class wants to extend their Take Action experience with a creative hands-on activity related to the project, take a look through our recommended video demonstrations of ways to upcycle, mend and reuse clothing after it has passed its prime!

Video Collection

Download our Educator "Plan a Clothing Swap" infopack!

To help you plan a clothing swap at your school we have put together a helpful getting started guide and some promotional materials for your event including an editable poster and suggested social media posts! Sign up through the link below to get access to these resources.

Diverse youth illustration

Learn more about how your actions can cause a social ripple effect:

The Ripple Effect

Thank you to our Project Funders

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