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Career Search

Career Search

Kaitlin Guitard working on site of an aquaculture setting.

Kaitlin Guitard

Water Quality Technician

I monitor the sea water at salmon farms for harmful plankton and jellyfish.
Mike Bryan on walkway over fish tank

Mike Bryan (he/him)

Hatchery Technician

I work at a fish hatchery in the aquaculture industry.
Portrait de Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Hatchery Supervisor

My job is to supervise the daily workflow at our salmon hatchery.
Terra MacDonald sur un site d'aquaculture tenant des saumons d'élevage.

Terra MacDonald (she/her)

Veterinarian and Fish Health Manager

As the veterinarian for Mowi Canada West, I care for the salmon at all life stages, from egg to harvest.
Ilias Hader

Ilias Hader (he/him)

Artificial Intelligence Consultant & Team Leader

I help companies take advantage of AI technologies and I manage a team to build an automated food production system for long space missions. 
Max Salman aux commandes d'un avion.

Max Salman

PH.D. Student / Affiliate Researcher

I ask questions to things that don’t have answers yet.
Kirstyn Nygren à la salmoniculture

Kirstyn Nygren

Environmental Specialist

I am part of a team that monitors the water quality around our salmon farms.
Michelle Franze dans un petit avion.

Michelle Franze (she/her)

Manager of Communications, Partnerships and Community Relations

I provide internal and external communications for the BC Salmon Farmers Association.
Jordan Frizzley tenant un gros saumon

Jordan Joseph Frizzley (he/him)

Salmon Brood-site Technician

My job is producing the next generation of salmon for aquaculture.
Jed Christianson

Jed Christianson

Canola Seed Development Specialist

Jed works with a global team to develop new varieties of canola for farmers to grow as their crop.
Jessica Laidley

Jessica Laidley

Food Resource Centre Manager

Jessica Laidley is a Food Resource Centre Manager for United Way Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District.
Melisa Zapisocky

Melisa Zapisocky

Agriculture Initiatives Specialist

Melisa Zapisocky's job blends knowledge of agriculture with community development.
Tanya Savory au travaille

Tanya Savory

Cleaner Fish Coordinator

Tanya Savory is a Cleaner Fish Coordinator for Mowi Canada East.
Natasha Baker au travaille

Natasha Baker

Incubation, First Feed, and Fry Supervisor

Natasha Baker is an Incubation, First Feed, and Fry Supervisor for Northern Harvest Smolt Ltd. (Mowi Canada East).
Luke Ingersoll en tenue de plongée

Luke Ingersoll

Occupational Diver

Luke Ingersoll is a diver, the owner of TayAus Diving Ltd., working in the aquaculture industry.
Sheldon George tenant un gros saumon

Sheldon George

Regional Manager

Sheldon George is the Regional Manager of Cold Ocean Salmon (A Division of Cooke Aquaculture).
Allison Kendall

Allison Kendall

Senior Marine Environmental Biologist

Allison Kendall is the Senior Marine Environmental Biologist for Sweeney International Marine Corp.
Kay Ryan tenant un énorme saumon

Kay Ryan

Plant Manager

Kay Ryan is the Plant Manager for Barry Group Inc.
Craig Mercer tenant un gros saumon

Craig Mercer

Aquaculture Project Coordinator

Craig Mercer is an Aquaculture Project Coordinator for Cold Ocean Salmon.
Janice Duggan-Molloy

Janice Duggan-Molloy

Technical Supervisor

Janice Duggan-Molloy is a Technical Supervisor for Cold Ocean Salmon.
Amy Negrijn sur un bateau

Amy Negrijn

Compliance and Certification Coordinator

Amy Negrijn is a Compliance and Certification Coordinator for Mowi Canada.
bateau dans le port

Peter Warris

Director of Projects and Industry Liaison

Peter Warris is the Director of Projects and Industry Liaison for PEI Aquaculture Alliance.
photo de Fizza Fatima à son bureau

Fizza Fatima

Research Assistant

Fizza Fatima is a Research Assistant for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

Research Scientist, Space Farming

Thomas Graham is a Professor at the University of Guelph.
Leah Clark debout dans un champ d'agriculture

Leah Clark

Provincial Cattle Specialist

Leah Clark is the Provincial Cattle Specialist for the Government of Saskatchewan.
Photo de Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

Professor and Director of CESRF

Mike Dixon is the Professor and Director of CESRF at the University of Guelph.
Chelsey Peutert | Ingénieure en environnement agricole

Chelsey Peutert

Agricultural Environmental Engineer

Chelsey Peutery is an Agricultural Environmental Engineer for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.
Pamela Livingston | Biologiste de terrain

Pamela Livingston

Field Biologist

Pamela Livingston is a Field Biologist at DuPont Canada.
Warren Bills | Développement numérique des entreprises agricoles

Warren Bills

Digital Farming Business Development

Warren Bills works on Digital Farming Business Development for Bayer Crop Science.
Linda Jewell | Chercheuse scientifique en phytopathologie

Linda Jewell

Research Scientist in Plant Pathology

Linda Jewell is a Research Scientist in Plant Pathology at St. John’s Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Greta Chiu | Rédactrice technique en agriculture

Greta Chiu

Agricultural Technical Writer

Greta Chiu is an agricultural technical writer for Kenna Communications.
Jenny Fortier - Gestionnaire de serres

Jenny Fortier (Video)

Environmental Entrepreneur

Jenny Fortier is an Environmental Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Larisa Morier | Monsanto Canada

Larisa Morier

Technology Development Data Manager

Larisa Morier is a Technology Development Data Manager for Monsanto Canada.
Kaleigh Gray | Associée de recherche/technicienne en sécurité chez Monsanto Canada

Kaleigh Gray

Research Associate/Safety Technician

Kaleigh Gray is a Research Associate/Safety Technician for Monsanto Canada.
Jenny Fortier | Gestionnaire de serre

Jenny Fortier

Initiatives Officer and Greenhouse Operator

Jenny Fortier is the initiatives officer for FedNor (Federal Economic Development Initiative in Northern Ontario).
Carolyn Fitzsimmons | Chercheuse scientifique

Carolyn Fitzsimmons

Research Scientist

Carolyn Fitzsimmons is a research scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Sylvie Cloutier | Chercheuse scientifique – généticienne moléculaire

Sylvie Cloutier

Research Scientist

Sylvie Cloutier is a Research Scientist with a focus in Molecular geneticist for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.