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Career Search

Career Search

Anne-Marie Mulumba headshot

Anne-Marie Mulumba

User Experience Research Consultant

I work with organizations to help them better understand their customers and users of their products, so we can improve that experience for them.
Curtiss Luong headshot

Curtiss Luong (he/him)

Security Consultant

I help companies keep their information safe from cyber criminals.
Ksenia Nadkina headshot

Ksenia Nadkina (she/her)

Software Developer

I create code for different types of software.
Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe headshot

Sergio Eduardo de Ilzarbe

Chartered Financial Analyst

I help small companies grow their business and succeed in the marketplace.
Peter Vlasveld headshot

Peter Vlasveld

Intermediate Software Developer

I write backend code for web apps that help in Cyclica's drug discovery efforts.
Madu Kingsley headshot

Madu Kingsley

Manager, Digital Platform

I manage a diverse team of cross-functional software developers.
Ilias Hader

Ilias Hader (he/him)

Artificial Intelligence Consultant & Team Leader

I help companies take advantage of AI technologies and I manage a team to build an automated food production system for long space missions. 
Ray Hyde

Ray Hyde

IT Manager, Customer Experience

I oversee the day-to-day operation of our IT infrastructure in support of the offshore oil platforms and our local office.
Diya Isac

Diya Isac (she/her)

Software Lead - Vehicle Motion Embedded Controls Team

I give technical guidance to develop software for features that make the car move and stop.
Joshua Walton derrière le volant d'un véhicule à l'essai.

Joshua Walton

Operations Leader, Vehicle Testing

I oversee the day-to-day operations of GM’s testing facility to make sure our vehicles can withstand the most extreme cold weather conditions.
Christopher Wynder

Dr. Christopher Wynder

Director, Product Marketing

Dr. Christopher Wynder is the Director of Product Marketing for OpenText
Amy Roneki

Amy Roneki

Healthcare Services Sales Executive

Amy Roneki is a Healthcare Services Sales Executive for NTT DATA Services.
Robb Clarke et sa fille à la patinoire

Robb Clarke

Senior Front-End Developer

Robb Clarke is a Senior Front-End Developer for OrangeSprocket.
Aarti Gadhia

Aarti Gadhia

Cybersecurity Sales Manager

Aarti Gadhia is a Cybersecurity Sales Manager for Bugcrowd.
Peter Yap

Peter Yap

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Yap is a Senior Software Engineer for General Motors Canada.
Jack Schueler

Jack Schueler

Senior Software Developer

Jack Schueler is a Senior Software Developer for SAP Canada.
Ali Nematollahi

Ali Nematollahi

Technology Team Manager

Ali Nematollahi is a Technology Team Manager for 4Refuel, A Finning Industrial Service.
Photo de Dominic Vogel

Dominic Vogel

Founder and Chief Strategist

Dominic Vogel is the Founder and Chief Strategist of
Photo de Kelty MacEachern

Kelty MacEachern

Intermediate Security Operations Analyst

Kelty MacEachern is an Intermediate Security Operations Analyst for Finning.
Harjas Dogra

Harjas Dogra

Solution Architect III

Harjas Dogra is a Solution Architect III for Jacobs, located in Ontario.
Paulette Soper

Paulette Soper

VP, Human Resources

Paulette Soper is a VP of Human Resources, located in Ontario.
Tania George

Tania George

Team Lead, Clinical Data Management

Tania George is the Team Lead of Clinical Data Management for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Nusheem Ditta

Nusheen Ditta

Senior Study Data Manager

Nusheen Ditta is a Senior Study Data Manager for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Photo de Gavin Jaensch

Gavin Jaensch

Clinical Programmer

Gavin Jaensch is a Clinical Programmer for Roche Canada.
Patrick Cousineau

Patrick Cousineau

Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer

Patrick Cousineau is a Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces.
Photo de Melissa Mathers

Melissa Valdez

Technical Consultant, Watson AI

Melissa Valdez is a Technical Consultant of Watson AI for IBM Canada.
Auto-portrait de Troy Pollett

R. Troy Pollett

Director – Security Audit & Risk Management

R. Troy Pollett is the Director of Security Audit & Risk Management for Verafin.
Leon Lee | Analyste en chef associé de l'informatique pour Amgen

Leon Lee

Senior Associate Information System Analyst

Leon Lee is the Senior Associate Information System Analyst for Amgen.
James Van Kessel | Ingénieur client

James Van Kessel

Cloud Customer Engineer

James Van Kessel is a Cloud Customer Engineer for Google.
Bernie Brocklehurst | Analyste/développeur en TI

Bernie Brocklehurst

IT Analyst/Developer

Bernie Brocklehurst is an IT Analyst/Developer for NOVA Chemicals.
Alexis Dorais | Analyste en télédétection

Alexis Dorais

Remote Sensing Analyst

Alexis Dorais is a Remote Sensing Analyst for Enfotec Technical Services Inc.
Ingo Gulde | Conseiller principal en développement durable

Ingo Gulde

Principal Consultant for Sustainability

Ingo Gulde is the Principal Consultant for Sustainability at SAP.
Photo de Paul Gordon au travail

Paul Gordon

Bioinformatics Manager

Paul Gordon is a Bioinformatics Manager at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute.
Tack Chen | Administrateur de réseau

Tack Chen

Network Administrator

Tack Chen is the Network Administrator for Randstad Canada.
Chris Glover | Ingénieur principal en logiciels – physique

Chris Glover

Senior Software Engineer – Physics

Chris Glover is a Senior Software Engineer – Physics for Avalanche Studios in New York.
Sam Worek | Concepteur de matériel de formation

Sam Worek

Instructional Designer

Sam Worek is an Instructional Designer at Google in California, USA.
Calin Lupa devant des montagnes

Calin Lupa

Customer Engineer

Calin Lupa is a customer engineer at Google in Ontario.
Soneeka Patel | Responsable des comptes stratégiques, Google

Soneeka Patel

Strategic Account Manager

Soneeka Patel is a Strategic Account Manager for Google.
Jason Dunkel | Analyste principal, Google

Jason Dunkel

Analytical Lead

Jason Dunkel is an analytical lead at Google in Ontario.
Blair Gosselin | Ingénieur clientèle, Google

Blair Gosselin

Customer Engineer

Blair Gosselin is a customer engineer at Google in Ontario.
Almond Au | Ingénieur client chez Google

Almond Au

Customer Engineer

Almond Au is a customer engineer who solves complex problems with Google.
Eric Addison | Ingénieur en logiciels, Google

Eric Addison

Software Engineer

Eric Addison is a software engineer at Google in Washington, USA.
Amelia Antrim | Ingénieure logiciel pour Google

Amelia Antrim

Software Engineering

Amelia Antrim is a software engineer at Google, with a focus on system design and production process.
Kristina Elkhazin | Responsable de l’industrie de la vente au détail, Google Canada

Kristina Elkhazin

Head of Industry for Retail

Kristina Elkhazin is the Head of Industry for Retail at Google.
Nicole Sokira | Spécialiste en intégrité des marchés

Nicole Sokira

Market Integrity Specialist

Nicole Sokira is a Market Integrity Specialist for SAP.
Ronald Boodram | Ingénieur informatique

Ronald Boodram

Computer Engineer

Ronald Boodram is a Computer Engineer at Google in Ontario.
Maxyme (Max) Paiement | Chef d’équipe en graphisme, multimédia et décors virtuels

Maxyme (Max) Paiement

Team Leader for Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Sets

Maxyme (Max) Paiement is a Team Leader for Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Sets at TFO.
Elie Harfouche | Software Engineering Student and Game Developer

Elie Harfouche

Software Engineering Student and Game Developer

Ellie Harfouche is a software engineering student and game developer.