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Let's Talk Climate Change: Resources

Earth with thermometer

Earth with thermometer (Thibault Renar, iStockphoto)

Earth with thermometer

Earth with thermometer (Thibault Renar, iStockphoto)

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Discover a set of resources to give you background knowledge on climate change.

Climate change is the problem of our time. If nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the consequences of a warming world will likely be severe. Below are a series of resources addressing aspects of climate change, followed by career profiles of people working toward a solution.

The Basics of Climate Change

Our climate is changing

Introduction to Climate Change

Learn more about the causes and impacts of global climate change.

Graphic image of clothing on water and land


A project to learn about Clothing and Climate.

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Hamilton, Ontario industrial area with Toronto skyline in the background

What are Greenhouse Gases?

This backgrounder explains what greenhouse gases are and how they contribute to climate change.

How We Understand Climate Change

Header illustration for the carbon cycle

The Carbon Cycle

Learn about the process of the carbon cycle on Earth.

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Earth with thermometer

Climate Math

Learn about how to calculate temperature anomalies as a way of understanding how our climate is changing.

Header image showing indicators of climate change

Indicators of Climate Change

Learn about how we know the climate is changing.

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The Effects of Climate Change


Cows, Methane, and Climate Change

How do beef and dairy cows contribute to climate change? Livestock agriculture is a source of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Narwhals, polar bears and other common Arctic animals swim in the Arctic waters.  Image © id-work, iStock

How are Arctic Animals in Canada Affected by Climate Change?

Arctic animals have evolved to thrive in harsh arctic ecosystems, but the environmental footprint created by climate change is affecting their survival.

Fishing boat catching fish

How will climate change impact fisheries?

Learn about how climate change is impacting fisheries around the world.

The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change

Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

A melting world-shaped glacier

What is Ocean Warming and Why Does It Matter?

Oceans absorb the greatest amount of solar radiation on Earth. Ocean warming can lead to glaciers melting and ocean acidification.

Human lungs with scientists inside

Just Breathe: Lungs and Asthma

Learn about asthma and what scientists are doing to study it.