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Resources by Category

Resources by Category


In-depth background information about a variety of STEM topics.

Career Profile

Profiles of people in traditional and non-traditional STEM-related careers, focusing on their career paths and motivations.

Hands-on Activities

Instructions for exploring STEM concepts using materials easily found at home or in the classroom.


Interactive resources, activities, ebooks and videos, often developed in collaboration with STEM TV shows and museums

Learning Strategies

Learning strategies that educators can implement to help students develop competencies in a variety of context settings.


Step-by-step instructions for learning activities that meet curriculum outcomes.

Picture Collections

Curated sets of themed images on a variety of STEM topics that can be used by students and teachers.


National STEM activities in which students engage with real world questions, problems or challenges.

STEM in Context

Articles that link STEM concepts with the real world and come with classroom-ready resources.

Video Channels

Sets of curated videos organized by STEM categories and age groups.