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Developers looking at data on screens

Cybersecurity Career Exploration

Technology is evolving rapidly, but what does that mean for the future of work?

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Child playing with adult with headphones on

Learning online through play, safely

How can we keep kids safe online? Listen in as Meeno Rami, Principal Product Manager for the Trust and Safety team in Xbox at Microsoft, shares tips for leveraging the Internet to create positive online learning experiences.

 Illustration of teen gamer in front of computers

Meet Chris

From loving video games to being fascinated with computers, the career possibilities are endless for a teen like Chris.

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Child smiling while performing science experiment

Hands-on activities

All ages

Create an everlasting memory with one of our many engaging, easy-to-implement hands-on activities. An unforgettable adventure awaits!

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Front cover of Living in a Warming World Book

Get a free climate book


Discover how Canadian animals are adapting to cliamte change! This free book, full of engaging pictures, will provide a unique learning experience for youth and help start the conversation about climate change.

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Learning Resource Collections

Perfect for planning a “theme day” or even a week of learning!

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Video Channels

Web series for all ages that encourage all kids to be curious, learn about their world and have access to role models.

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