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Child sitting in tree with binoculars

Earth Month fun

All ages

Spark your child’s imagination with an easy-to-do green adventure.

 Child drawing the Earth with crayon

How to Teach Kids About Climate Change Without Freaking Them Out

Climate anxiety is real, and it's affecting kids. Here's how to help.

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Smiling child sitting next to tree with picture book

Interactive climate-based reading sessions


Combine literacy and climate science with this fun activity! Engage learners by having a role model read a book and guiding them through a hands-on activity.

Tractor in field

Hungry to learn more?


Food connects us all. As the global population grows, so does the need for food and ‘sustainable agriculture.’ What is sustainable agriculture? What is the role of science in ensuring food security in a changing climate and finite environment? Join us to learn about the practice, implementation and future of food security on a global scale.

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Girls looking at test tubes (Square)

Hands-on activities

All ages

Create an everlasting memory with one of our many engaging, easy-to-implement hands-on activities. An unforgettable adventure awaits!

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Learning Resource Collections

Perfect for planning a “theme day” or even a week of learning!

All Ages:
Pre-K to Grade 3:
More Pre-K to Grade 3 Resource Collections:
Grades 4 to Grade 6:
More Grades 4 to 6 Resource Collections:
Grades 7 to Grade 9:
More Grades 7 to 9 Resource Collections :
Careers Exploration:
More Careers Exploration:

Video Channels

Web series for all ages that encourage all kids to be curious, learn about their world and have access to role models.

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