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Experiment with plants!

Soil and plant in hands

Plant and dirt in hands image by anncapictures from Pixabay

Safety First!

Before going in nature to observe plants and trees, it is wise to be aware of the few plant species that can cause health problems, such as poison ivy. Read this article from MEC to learn more and make sure your day in nature is fun.

How does water move up a plant?

How does water move up a plant?

Do an experiment with celery to learn about the structures that help plants take up water.

How do I construct a terrarium?

How do I construct a terrarium?

You can make your own terrarium for growing plants!

Bee exiting a bee house

Design and Build a Bee House

Students will learn about the human impacts on bee populations as they design, test, build and observe a structure for solitary bees.

Is a green apple always green?

Is a green apple always green?

What does light have to do with colour? Observe some colourful fruit under different conditions to learn why we see the colours we see!

How can I stop bananas from turning brown?

How can I stop bananas from turning brown?

Explore the chemistry behind why bananas turn brown. Can chemistry also help prevent this?

Even more experiments on the Tomatosphere website!

You can also learn about people that work with plants as part of their jobs


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