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Earth’s layers

Structure of the Earth

Learn about the layers of the Earth and discover how people explore the Earth’s crust.

Structure of the Earth
Underwater scene with reef

Ocean Zones

Learn about the pelagic and benthic zones of oceans.

Ocean Zones
Hot air balloons at dawn

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Learn about history and workings of lighter than air vehicles.

Lighter Than Air Vehicles
Congratulations to the 2019 Let’s Talk Science National Volunteer Award Winners!

They may seem out there, but these are real jobs! Or they will be soon… 

Farming in space, custom designing 3D printed organs for transplant, or building robots that do the jobs you don’t want to do - that’s not science fiction, that’s a real job! Watch all of our “That’s a Real Job” videos on our STEM career website.

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Vancouver DL summit

Invite a Volunteer to your Classroom or Community Event

Take STEM out of the textbook. The Let’s Talk Science Outreach program has partnered with post-secondary institutions across Canada to build a community of trained volunteers, ready to lead hands-on STEM activities in your classroom or community event, at no cost to you. 

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